Il Goto de Fornasa

Goti made of Murano glass were born in Murano centuries ago.
The skilful glassmakers created very robust glasses for them to use to drink from during their work in the Furnace. There were several of them working together, so they needed to be able to distinguish their own glass from the others, which is why the Goti have different colours and textures

The Goti were moulded with hot glass paste without worrying about creating the perfect shape as they were only for the glassmakers. Today these irregularly shaped glasses have become precious objects, much loved and sought after around the world and used in the city's most famous restaurants.
Our collection of Goti is called "I Colori di Murano" honouring the tradition of uniqueness that these glasses had in the past.

Do you want to buy an authentic Goto de Fornasa?

Inside our showroom you will find exclusive collectible glass chalice,
hand decorated and the famous Goti de Fornasa produced directly in our furnace.

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